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What is the use of Meudocta

Instant Messaging

You can discuss with doctors in real-time.

Smart Assistance

You have a nurse at your disposal to assist you in case of any issue.


Easily take an appointment with your doctors and specialists.

Medical Alerts

Receiving alert about the availability of critical service: blood bank, all-night pharmacies, ...


We assure you: all your transactions are encrypted and secure.

Medical File

Your medical file is now centralized and managed by your doctors.

Health Tips

On a regular basis, you will receive health tips provided by doctors


SIGNE Chanelle Virgie

Moi maintenant je ne me déplace plus trop. Étant chez moi, je discute avec les médecins et prends mes rendez-vous.

Dr MAJOMO Joëlle-Audray

Cette application est simple rapide et efficace. Elle nous permet de discuter directement avec le patient.

Dr. KAYAWA Stephane
Génicologue Obstetricien

C’est une nouvelle approche très intéressante de rapprochement entre les patients et nous les médecins.

Get the health you deserve

Being sick means already suffering, but having difficulties to have medical treatment and attention means suffering twice. So don't worry anymore, Meudocta give you what you need and deserve in time.

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